About Us

Dipped in the luxury of legacy ‘True Color’ made its way to the Middle East in the year 2013. The leadership of young and dynamic entrepreneur Mr. Puneet Godha laid the foundation of this novel paradise of emeralds.The stone emerald is an illustration of opulence, not just with the way it signifies the aura of the person who has the privilege to own a piece of this excellence but also in the way it glorifies the wearer.At True Colors we aim to deliver the best in class emeralds; high in quality and crafted with precision. Mr. Puneet Godha’s experience at his organization PG Emeralds founded by him in India in 2004 led to his plans to diversify his expertise in the global markets. As Mr. Puneet rightly says, “We aim to simplify the intricate cuts of emeralds by undertaking every procedure which is required to create a masterpiece, after all we understand the true value of these exotic delights.”We specialize in calibrated stones offering a range of cuts like perfect pears, magnificent marquise, regal rounds, soulful squares, ocular ovals, optimum octagons. To provide our clients with finesse and superior touch we handpick our stones from Brazil, Zambia and Columbia. Every stone is then put to rigorous stages to transform these rough cuts to more polished and visually appealing pieces. The complex processes are carried out by skilled craftsmen having decades of expertise in helping the transition of emeralds. The journey of this transformation is aloof from any machine driven processes and only uses the mastery of hands to deftly bring out the superiority of these stones.True Color is backed by family traditions and age old legacy of the Godha family, with Late Mr. Arun Godha’s vision to specialize in this enigmatic stone and provide nothing but the best to his clients. True Colors is the only enterprise in the entire Middle East specializing in emeralds; polished stones, commercial stones, exclusive shapes, delicately carved emeralds and beads.Where organizations aim to expand their horizons by focusing on many aspects and types of stones or dealing with a variety of products, our aim and emphasis is solely directed towards providing exceptional kinds of emeralds catering to the demands of the market. We deal with different ranges and qualities customized to blend with the buyer’s need as well as keeping with our mission of selling not just emeralds but the age old regal aristocracy. “The one who comprehends the hard work put into the journey of emeralds from inception to its final output, is the one who deserves to rightly own these enchanting stones, we don’t just sell emeralds, we give you a piece of our heart.” Late Mr. Arun Godha